Custom Colour & Vinyl Repair

What is Custom Colour & Vinyl Repair?

Custom Colour & vinyl Repair, or CCVR, is mobile Auto Restoration business.  We have been in business since 1987 and we offer the following services.

Leather Restoration & Repair.

Vinyl Repair.

Dashboard & Plastic Repair.

Link for Plastic Molded Dash covers:

Windshield Repair

Leather Restoration & Repair speaks for itself.  We offer repairs for leather seats and dyeing of leather interiors.
We offer a quality vinyl repair for automotive and restaurant vinyl.
We offer repairs of any sort when it comes to hard plastic.  Dashboard or any interior plastic trim.  The above picture of the DeLorian illustrates this. The car had a  molded vinyl rear interior trim panel an irreplaceable trim piece, we successfully restore it with a plastics repair technique.  We also  install molded plastic dash covers, these covers usually carry a lifetime guarantee and they look like a new dashboard.
Coverlay Manufacturing Inc.
Windshield Repair not replacement.  Windshield repair consist of vacuuming the air in the windshield and filling it with an acrylic resin. When done properly in most case the stone chip, or air pocket should disappear.  Filling the air pocket keeps the glass in the windshield from breaking.

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